New Boardwalk Complete at Triple Tree Trail

September 23, 2021

Last week, with the help of several volunteer groups and a $500 grant from First Interstate Bank, we completed a major improvement to a section of Triple Tree Trail.

“We’ve had our eye on this area for quite some time,” says GVLT Trails Project Manager Dan Center. “This section of trail is perpetually wet and muddy throughout spring and fall. We dug a diversion ditch to collect water, but that was a temporary fix. Whenever the trail got wet, trail users continued to walk around the muddy area and create social trails.”

First Interstate Bank provided a $500 grant for the boardwalk project that was used to purchase supplies including lumber, tools, and gravel from Old World Lumber Company, Kenyon Noble, and Scenic City Trucking. Our Montana Conservation Corps Conservation Fellow Cooper Shea led the charge in organizing volunteer groups to build the boardwalk. Volunteers from First Interstate Bank, Bozeman High School Outdoor Club, and MSU’s Sigma Nu fraternity hauled lumber and gravel to the project site, excavated dirt for the wooden footers, laid out and leveled the lumber, fastened it all together, and built up dirt and gravel approaches on both sides of the boardwalk.  Sections of jackleg fence were built and installed to block the user-created trail to the side of the main path.

Now, with the boardwalk complete and the social trail blocked off, the sensitive area has a chance for regrowth. This new addition to Triple Tree Trail comes just in time for the muddy season. The boardwalk serves as a friendly reminder that creating social paths can harm vegetation, spread weeds, and do costly damage to the intended trails. As we head into shoulder season, please avoid hiking on muddy trails, but if you must, stay on the path and hike directly through the mud instead of going around.

Thanks so much to all of the volunteers and organizations that made this happen!