Many trails in the Main Street to the Mountains trail system reside on or near private property. It’s always important to be mindful of the surrounding plants, wildlife, and other trail users, but don’t forget to treat landowners with respect, too! The best way to thank landowners for their generosity in granting public access to so many wonderful places and pathways is by kindly caring for each trail you use.
With the recent acquisition of a trail easement on the Bridger Ridge Trail – which sits on privately owned property – here are some tips to keep in mind when recreating on or near private land:
  • Be Outside Kind to every trail you’re on, you may not even realize you’re on private land.
  • If the landowner has any special requests, such as leashing your pet or entering and exiting through a specific gate, please follow these rules. They are implemented out of necessity; for example, livestock could be grazing on the property.
  • On the Bridger Ridge, fire rings have been spotted near the trail on privately owned land. Play it safe and don’t camp or build fires, especially in light of the fire seasons and drought.
  • If you have questions about trail etiquette or which trails are dog friendly, GVLT has some great resources!
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Video by Sarah Ewalt.