Trail Mix 2017 Recap: Tinder dates and chain saws

The 2017 Trail Mix event was a great time. GVLT’s own “founding daughter”, Brenna Boyd, offered a $5,000 matching gift and a warm welcome for guests. Brenna’s father Chris Boyd was one of the founders of GVLT 27 years ago. With Brenna and numerous long time supporters of GVLT in attendance, we felt humbled by the history and legacy of the people who worked hard to set a foundation for this organization. A slideshow ran with images of past projects and headlines from old newsletters. We’ve truly done remarkable things together. With all of the history and memories in the Lindley Center from past GVLT events and meetings, it was especially exciting to be hosting a number of new faces who have discovered GVLT and are joining the cause. The energy was high as Jeff Hough, Trails Project Manager, shared insider news on upcoming trail projects. Big things are happening thanks to the generous donors who make our work possible.

Penelope awarded the 2017 Trail Partner of the Year award to Dan Gannon who hikes the Triple Tree Trail with his chain saw to clear fallen trees. He received a small toy chainsaw and a plaque as a token of our appreciation.

A number of cards with question prompts were lying on tables around the event. We were asking our supporters their opinions and ideas on local trails. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I support GVLT because…of the staff’s passion and dedication to GVLT’s mission (gosh, thanks)
  • If I could change one thing about our trails it would be…more connectivity from trail to trail, more trail extensions on north side of Main St. (thank you, we’re taking note!)
  • My dream trail project is…any trail. Just let me swing a pick! (don’t worry, we’ve got some great volunteer projects lined up for the summer)
  • My favorite Gallatin Valley view is…the Bridgers from my kitchen window downtown. I love the west! (sigh, isn’t it lovely?)
  • What newcomers don’t know about Bozeman is…how connected our trail system is! (27 years in the making!)
  • The best dog trail in the valley is…Sourdough for skiing and Triple Tree for hiking! (they’re great but don’t forget to pick up the poo!)
  • GVLT rocks because…the staff inspire others to get involved and love/ utilize our trail system. Thank you GVLT team! (hit the trails!)
  • The best hike in the Bozeman area is…Drinking Horse and Triple Tree, it’s a tie! (those are certainly popular, you can pick two, we’ll allow it)
  • My favorite Gallatin Valley view is…Foothills of Mt. Ellis looking north after snow (taking notes, we’ll see you there after snowfall!)
  • GVLT rocks because…Off leash dog parks for dogtivities! (dogtivities… we like this new word, we’re using it)
  • What newcomers don’t know about Bozeman is… Trails aren’t free (amen, trails require a lot of planning, permitting, design, and construction costs)
  • GVLT rocks because… you give me great places to take Tinder dates! (no problem bud, keeping the Gallatin Valley romantic since 1990)

Thanks to all the volunteers and donors who made this night so special!