Trail Ambassadors Begin Winter Outings

Keep an eye out for our Winter Trail Ambassadors. They’ll be hitting the trails over the next few months to provide helpful information on trail routes, safety, and etiquette. They’re always equipped with maps, dog leashes, dog poop bags, and a friendly smile. Say hello to a Trail Ambassador, they’re on the trails to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. Winter Trail Ambassadors will be frequenting many of the popular cross country ski trails such as the Sourdough Canyon Trail, Highland Glen trails and various trails in Hyalite Canyon like Lick Creek and Wildhorse Junction. The Trail Ambassador program is a partnership between the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, US Forest Service, Friends of Hyalite, Bridger Ski Foundation, Big Sky Wind Drinkers, Run Dog Run, Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department and Bozeman Health.

The Trail Ambassadors and organizations keep a blog,,  to post all the most current trail information in one place. Check it out and let us know what other information you need to make your trail experiences great.