New Easement

Riverside and Wide Open

January 1, 2021

GVLT is excited to have closed its 116th conservation easement just before the end of 2020. This new easement protects 62 acres of prime farmland and waterfront habitat that are situated along the East Gallatin River and lower Dry Creek. Two other conserved properties, a 160-acre easement and a 100-acre easement along the East Gallatin River, adjoin the parcel. The completion of this new conservation easement means that nearly five miles along the East Gallatin River are protected in perpetuity.

The parcel is a great mix of open meadow, agricultural fields, wetlands with emergent vegetation, and mature willow and aspen trees along the river. Best of all, the scenic values of the land are easily accessible to the public, who can enjoy views of the property from nearby public roads and while floating the East Gallatin River. The property remains a working farm that produces hay and grain.  An abundance of wildlife – including bald eagle, great blue heron, golden eagle, mule deer, white tail deer, moose, bobcat, pheasants and more inhabit the parcel. The stretch of the East Gallatin River along the parcel has been named a red ribbon trout stream by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

“Every year, we invest and plant 5 to 10 trees on the property. Some are close to the house, some are along the banks and we want to be able to continue to do so to improve the overall quality of our place,” the landowners said.

The costs of this easement, along with the value of easement itself, were completely donated by the generous landowners.  They were simply motivated to protect their land to enhance the conservation values of the rural neighborhood as well as the East Gallatin River and Dry Creek.