Mountain Range Finder and Medicine Wheel Coming Soon

May 24, 2024

Installation of the much-anticipated Mountain Range Finder and Medicine Wheel at the top of Peets Hill has begun!

As you may remember, the ground was prepared last fall, and the site was dedicated at the special Indigenous People’s Day Celebration atop Peets Hill in October. While the completion date was pushed to the spring due to a delay in receiving materials, we are excited to announce the wait is nearly over!

On Tuesday, May 14, Mother Nature finally cooperated, enabling installation to begin. The process is expected to take about three weeks, depending on the weather. There will not be any trail closures, but please be cautious of the contractors and their equipment. Special thanks to Valley of the Flowers Landscaping, Design 5 Landscape Architecture, and MFGR Designs for the work and installation.


Mountain Range Finder

Peets Hill (officially known as Burke Park) tops the list of places to take visiting friends and family. It’s a perfect spot for stunning 360-degree views. While there, how often have you been asked to identify the different mountain ranges encircling the Gallatin Valley? Now, locals and visitors alike will be able to easily identify the Gallatin, Madison, and Bridger Ranges as they sit on rock benches and use the metal backrests that silhouette the mountains to identify prominent peaks in the distance.

Medicine Wheel

Not only will the installation connect visitors to place, but also to Indigenous cultures. At the center of the installation, visitors will find a Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop. This symbol has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health, healing, and ceremonial purposes. Its four segments align with the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. An additional ring of concrete, divided into eight segments, will encircle the wheel. Each segment will represent one of the treaty lands located within the state of Montana. The segments will be arranged to indicate the general direction of the treaty lands if you were to stand in the geographic center of Montana.


The location of the new installation, set in the middle of the All-Abilities walking loop at the top of Peets Hills, was chosen to maximize accessibility. It is also near the parking lot and bathrooms, located at the end of Josephine Street. We can’t wait to welcome Peets Hill visitors to the new Mountain Range Finder and Medicine Wheel in the coming weeks and hope the community finds it to be a perfect place for quiet reflection or communal gatherings.