Local Food from Open Land

One of the ways that the public benefits from GVLT’s work to protect privately owned open land is access to local food. Agricultural land in the valley isn’t easy to come by so local farmers, Gallatin Valley Botanicals and Strike Farms have partnered up with GVLT landowners to lease land that has been conserved for agriculture.  The Gallatin Valley has some of the best soils in the state, and the land that GVLT and landowners are protecting are best for growing food. If you’re interested in joining the local food movement, consider purchasing a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a cooperative farming agreement between consumers and farms. You pay for a seasonal subscription and the farm gets you a weekly box of locally grown produce including things like salad greens, cooking greens, herbs, root crops, and seasonal vegetables.  Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley have a rich tradition in agriculture, be part of our valley’s farming heritage with a CSA subscription this summer.

Strike Farms CSA

(for more information on the Strike Farms partnership with the Happel Conservation Easement, read our story here)

Gallatin Valley Botanicals CSA