Join the Peets Pack

September 23, 2021

The community support for Protecting Peets’ Final Piece has our tails wagging. We’re used to receiving donations made in honor of a friend’s birthday or in memory of a cherished loved one, but a remarkable number of Peets’ Hill donations have been made in honor of – wait for it – DOGS! That’s right, our emails are filled with soft, fluffy messages like My gift is made in honor of Snickers or For Peets Hill, in memory of Pepper. 

We love how much you love your puppers, so we’re inviting your pets to join our Pack – our Peets Pack, that is. When you make a donation to Protect Peets Final Piece in honor of your dog, we’ll feature their photo on our social media pages and our website as the newest member of the Peets Pack. Thanks to a sponsorship from Dee-O-Gee Bozeman, we’ll have some goodies to giveaway that your doggo will totally dig.

All you have to do is make a donation in honor of your pet and send their photo to

Click here to join the Peets Pack!

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