FY 2016 Annual Report Released

Another great year of building trails and conserving open space is in the books. We’re proud to share our Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 – June 30,2016).

You may notice that our annual report looks a bit different this year. We tried to show our supporters, in the most visual way possible, what their contributions accomplished.

In our Annual Report you’ll find:

  • break down of our financial success, including a planned gift to our permanent endowment of nearly $1,000,0000
  • how we spent our donated funds and where they came from
  • list of our cherished donors (we only have room for $250 and up but we appreciate all of our supporters!)
  • map of our conservation easements completed, including 1,939 new acres conserved and our 100th easement recorded
  • map of trail and park projects completed, including 9 new acres of parkland added to our community
  • accomplishments of our trails programming, outreach, and stewardship activities
  • look to the future and our work for the next year
  • names of our incredible staff and dedicated Board of Directors

Click here for full FY 2016 Annual Report


We hope you enjoy our annual report. If you would like a printed copy, please email We would be happy to send you one in the mail.

THANK YOU to all of our supporters for making this year another great success!