Craft Hike for Kids: Create Fall Crafts from Trail Souvenirs

Fall is one of the best times of year to enjoy your community trails. With 100+ miles of trail to choose from, there are plenty of adventures waiting for your family! If you’re like us, you’re fresh out of craft projects for kids from a long summer of entertaining. Here are some new ideas, with materials you can find on your next hike!

Make a leaf print:

Materials needed- leaves, paint, paint brushes (sponge works great), paper

Directions-Find and collect beautiful fall leaves of all different shapes and sizes on the trail. Bring them home and paint one side of the leaf with different colors. Place the leaf paint side down onto the paper and press. Slowly pull up the leaf and you’ve got a print!

Make a pet rock:

Materials- rocks, googly eyes, glue, paint, imagination

Directions- Take a hike and collect small rocks of all different shapes and sizes. Bring them home and using a variety of colors, paint the rocks. Glue on googly eyes to make them come to life. Don’t forget the last step, give your rocks a name and a life story.

Make leaf insects:

Materials- leaves, stems, acorns, flower petals, sticks, twigs, berries, glue gun or glue stick

Directions- Use the materials you found on the trail to create bugs and insects. Leaves can be wings, twigs can be antennas, acorns can be heads. Butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies, lady bugs, spiders and more! What other bugs can you create with things found in nature?

Make a leaf crown:

Materials- leaves

Directions- Collect a bunch of leaves, preferably larger leaves. First cut off the tip of the stem, then fold your next leaf in half, poking the cut stem of the first leaf into the crease of the next one in a threading fashion. Continue adding leaves by poking cut stems through the folded leaf.  This easy crown doesn’t need any materials except leaves! Check out the link for step by step instructions and photos.