GVLT has a Digital Trail Map

9/6/2016 KBZK News


It’s the moment outdoor enthusiasts have been waiting for – the new Main Street to the Mountains Digital Trail is now live online.

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust, partnered with the City of Bozeman, released its new digital trail map that lets you see all the trails in Bozeman.

Until now, the only official trail map was printed and sold at retailers around town.

Having a map online also lets the city update new trails as they come along.

The map user gets to choose from a number of layers which shows trail features such as trail surface, off-leash dog areas, bathrooms, parking areas, playgrounds, and more.

It also allows users to track mileage for customized trail routes that can then be saved and shared with friends.

For those unsure of how the map works, there are also video tutorials on the website.


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