Triple Tree Trail to be Closed for Hazardous Tree Removal


We’re getting ahead of the game to protect your trail experience! This month GVLT is proactively removing hazard trees along the Triple Tree Trail corridor to protect public safety. We’ll be contracting with an arborist to remove dead, dying and leaning hazard trees that could fall onto the trail and potentially injure trail users. By proactively removing these trees we’re keeping the trail clear and safe, and preventing reactive cleanup of dozens of trees that may fall during a wind event. Hazard trees will be felled, bucked, and piled alongside the trail and burned at a later date under supervision of Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC).

During this project, the upper portion of Triple Tree Trail past Limestone Meadows Lane will be closed for approximately a week starting on February 3rd.  To monitor the closure and progress, please check our Facebook page. The lower portion of the trail from Sourdough Road to Limestone Meadows Lane will remain open.

GVLT has a management agreement and maintenance plan with Gallatin County and Montana DNRC for the portion of the Triple Tree Trail that crosses state land. We don’t take removing trees lightly and this removal of hazard trees is part of our obligation to protect user safety. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete this important work.  Questions? Contact Dan Center,