Trails RX

Medical research shows that outdoor physical activity has real, tangible impacts on our health. In Bozeman, we’re fortunate to have 80+ miles of community trails right out our backdoor. We offer the TrailsRx, or Trails Prescription program to local family practice, mental health, and physical therapy providers to help get their patients outdoors and using the trails. Providers receive free TrailsRx brochures that include a prescription pad, list of easy and moderate TrailsRx loops or routes, physical activity log, and walking tips.

Whether the patient is working on weight loss, endurance, balance or anxiety, trails can be part of their medical treatment. Together, we can create a healthier, happier community.


  1. Trails are free! They’re accessible for all, regardless of income.
  2. Trail prescriptions are easy to follow and can give a trail beginning the helpful introduction they need to get comfortable. Providers can hold patients accountable with a prescription.
  3. Patients reap mental health benefits as well as physical benefits from being outdoors.
  4. Great for patients dealing with obesity, endurance, balance, and mental health issues.
  5. Trails can be intimidating to beginners. Our Trails Rx map features loops and routes specifically chosen for beginners.
  6. Nature doesn’t have side-effects.

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E.J. Porth

Communications and Outreach Manager