Trail Touch Ups

Our trail staff and volunteers were busy this summer and fall. Check out all the great improvements we made on your trails!

  • Resurfaced:
    • Tuckerman Park
    • Gardner Park Trailhead
    • Graf Park
    • Research Park trails
    • East Gallatin Rec. Area
    • Gallatin Regional Park
  • Pruned:
    • Gallagator Trail
    • Triple Tree Trail (also clearing downed trees)
    • East Gallatin Rec. Area
    • Wortman/ Simkins Spur Trail
  • Pulled Weeds:
    • Graf Park
    • Highland Glen Nature Preserve
  • Installed 4 new trail map signage kiosks
  • Installed 7 new benches
  • Updated maps in kiosks at Graf Park, Langhor Park, Softball Complex
  • Fixed drainage issues and provided general trail maintenance at Story Hills Trail (Thanks to the Barnard family for allowing access on these trails!)

All the work above was made possible by volunteers.

  • We worked with 25 different groups.
  • Volunteer group that traveled the farthest- Okinawa Japan Students, 6,252 miles!
  • 519 volunteers participated in those 25 groups
  • These volunteers from Sydney motorhome hire, contributed 1,726 hours of volunteer service which equates to $40,664!

We don’t just have trails in Bozeman, we have GREAT trails thanks to the hard work of volunteers.