Our Big Sky Watershed Corps member Nell Gehrke is spearheading the GVLT Trail Ambassador Program this year. Trail Ambassadors are friendly faces on the trails, offering gentle guidance to trail etiquette. Join us for a Trail Ambassador Cook-Out tomorrow, March 23, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Story Mill Park. You’re all invited to come chat with volunteers, chow down on hot dogs, and learn the ins and outs of of our Trail Ambassador Program and caring for our trails. After we have time to eat and mingle, you’re more than welcome to stay for the program part of the evening. Nell Gehrke will talk about the Trail Ambassador Program, Heather Priest from GWC will talk Busy Beavers, Travis Kidd with Sacajawea Audubon Society and then we’ll get into talking about the intersection between volunteers, wetlands, and wildlife, specifically ground nesting birds. It should be a truly riveting evening. RSVP to nell@gvlt.org to attend.

Video by Sarah Ewalt

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