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Take the Summer Trails Challenge

Celebrate the summer and help GVLT raise funds for trails by participating in GVLT’s inaugural Summer Trails Challenge

Between National Trails Day on June 4, and the solstice on June 21, community members are encouraged to record and report how far they walk, hike, or bike on area trails, any trail. Everything counts. Go for a hike. Walk your dog. Bike your kids to camp. Take a stroll on your lunch hour. 1 mile=$1 for GVLT!

For every mile walked, hiked or biked on area trails, GVLT will receive $1 from the Trails Challenge Fund. Sponsoring businesses from the community (shown below) have done their part, now you can do yours. $1 for 1 mile. It is that easy. Our goal is to reach 20,000 miles in just 17-days! Participants will be invited to celebrate at a BBQ at the GVLT office upon completion of the challenge at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, June 21.

Here’s what you do:
1. Hike, bike, or walk on area trails.
2. Log onto and record your miles. (logging form coming to this page soon)
3. Earn money for GVLT.

You can use a Fitbit to track your miles, an app such as Strava, or simply refer to the GVLT or any local trail map for distances. Record your miles after each individual trip, or keep track and do it all at once. Challenge your friends or even other businesses. We’ll keep track and announce the winners at the ending celebration. Prizes will be awarded for the people who log the most miles as well as several other categories. Expect some serious competition and lots of fun!

For more details, click here to visit the event page.