Introducing our New Strategic Plan

November 28, 2022

The GVLT Board of Directors, Staff and NextGen Advisory Board spent much of 2022 developing a long-range strategic plan to guide the work of our organization through fiscal year 2028. After identifying the most pressing challenges for trails and conservation work in our community, we brainstormed tangible solutions drawing on our unique skills, expertise, and perspective. The solutions outlined here lay out a road map for achieving our ambitious thirty-year vision. We’ll need a community coalition as diverse as the landscapes we seek to access and protect — this commitment to inclusion is woven throughout our new strategic plan.

Growth in our region has exploded since our last strategic plan. Access to trails and the security of our open lands, agricultural heritage, and wildlife habitat are in peril. Gallatin County remains one of the fastest growing counties in Montana and Bozeman ranks among the fastest growing cities of its size in the country. Population increase across all of our service area is putting extreme pressure on our open lands and outdoor recreation infrastructure. The threat to our quality of life is rapid and real, and our work must keep up with the pace.

Throughout our new strategic plan, we have identified several land conservation, stewardship, and trail development challenges and solutions.

Read the whole GVLT Strategic Plan 2023-28 here!