Lucas Cain



Stewardship Manager

“I love the fact that I can go from productive meetings at a conference table in the morning, to productive meetings leaning on the hood of an old pickup truck in the afternoon!”

Lucas has been with the GVLT family since early 2015. Growing up on a family farm in the midwest he developed an inherent appreciation for working landscapes and open spaces. Upon migrating west through amber waves of grain he found an invigorated love for all things outdoors, including recreation and natural sciences. Lucas received his degree from Montana State University in the self-coined field of Conservation Geography. He brings project and resource management experience to the Land Trust, and looks forward to helping landowners implement sound stewardship practices on their land. In his free time when he isn’t doing all the outdoorsy things people typically list in their bios, you might find Lucas playing cribbage and tuning into a radio broadcast of a baseball game!