Trails Project Manager

“It’s pretty simple, I love trails. When I found out that you could walk, run, ski or bike on trails in Bozeman and there was an opportunity to make it better, I had to hop in."”

Jeff brings a passion for trails to the GVLT team, focusing on expanding and improving the community Main Street to the Mountains trail system in and around Bozeman. His skills transfer from both the non-profit world and a large city bureau, as Trails and Restoration Manager with the Forest Park Conservancy and the Trails Program Coordinator for Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R). At PP&R Jeff led a team of staff and volunteers to manage 180 miles of trails throughout the city’s natural areas. Jeff has a deep understanding of what trails mean to a community and how to balance their positive contributions with nature. When not at work Jeff and his family are out playing on the trails. “It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with trails”.