Salga a Caminar!


Our growing community is changing and becoming more diverse. The last census stated that 3.6% of Gallatin County’ s population is Hispanic. In order to make our community trails and parks easily accessible by all, we have translated our trail map and TrailsRx (trails prescription) map into Spanish.  This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Land Trust Alliance. While navigating our town trails may seem like second nature to many of us, GVLT is committed to removing barriers that keep people from feeling comfortable exploring outside. Oftentimes it is simply a lack of information that can intimidate someone or prevent them from feeling confident outdoors. Not knowing where trails lead or connect, where to park, their difficulty, and the amenities offered can stand in the way. Our translated trail map will ensure that people who speak Spanish can find and access the trails we all love. After all, our trails are a community asset where all are welcome no matter their race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. Trails may be one of the only places where we can all come together to find solitude, peace, quiet, natural beauty, friendship, and community. Do you know somewhere or someone that could help distribute Spanish trail maps to people who would use them? Email