Run Dog Run Creates Dog Parks and Community

Mission accomplished! After working to increase the number of off-leash facilities in the Bozeman area for the past 12 years, local nonprofit and perennial GVLT partner, Run Dog Run, has achieved its mission and officially dissolved.

With the abundance of dog parks in Bozeman today, it’s hard to imagine a time when there weren’t so many options for our beloved pups. But, that was the reality before Run Dog Run, led by Executive Director Terry Cunningham, dedicated itself to advocating for and creating most of the dog parks that our furry friends now frequent, including Lewis and Bark Park at Bozeman Pond Park, the play areas near the softball complex, and Anderson Dog Park in the Gallatin Regional Park. The organization also encouraged developers to include dog parks in any new subdivisions, which has become more common thanks, in part, to Run Dog Run.

GVLT was honored to partner with Run Dog Run in a variety of ways, including purchasing the 12 acres of land north of Bozeman Pond where Lewis and Bark Park was established. The park is now owned and maintained by the City of Bozeman.

GVLT and the City of Bozeman also partnered with Run Dog Run to establish the popular Lend-a-Leash program at trailheads across the Bozeman area. And Run Dog Run supported GVLT’s Trail Ambassador program and One Montana’s Outside Kind trail etiquette campaigns.

“Run Dog Run has been instrumental in providing safe spaces for people to take their dogs and provide resources like dog bags and leashes to keep our pups happy and healthy,” explains GVLT Trails Director Matt Parsons.

GVLT’s team extends its deep gratitude to Terry and everyone who helped successfully pursue the mission of this all-volunteer organization. Countless canine tails are wagging in appreciation of your efforts!