Off-Leash Dog Trails and Parks in Bozeman

All parks and trails within the City of Bozeman limits are ON LEASH unless otherwise designated and signed. The following are designated OFF LEASH areas within the City of Bozeman:

  • Cooper Park
  • Peets Hill/Burke Park
  • Gallatin County Regional Park (in designated area)
  • Bozeman Pond (in designated fenced dog park)
  • Snowfill Recreation Area
  • Story Mill Park (in designated fenced dog park)

Many trails outside of Bozeman in the foothills or on public land are off leash such as:

  • Drinking Horse
  • The M Trail
  • Sourdough Canyon/Bozeman Creek Trail
  • Sypes Canyon
  • Middle Cottonwood
  • South Cottonwood
  • Chestnut Mountain
  • Hyalite

While a trail may be technically off leash, this doesn’t mean you’re off duty. Dogs must be under voice control and remain on the trail to avoid disrupting wildlife. Make sure you have your eyes on your dog at all times. It is hard to see when you need to scoop the poop if your dog is running behind you.

Some trails outside of Bozeman city limits may have ON LEASH restrictions and will be signed accordingly. Examples include:

  • Triple Tree Trail
  • Kirk Hill

Please respect the land managers and landowners decisions about dog leashes. These decisions are made with your safety and the wildlife in mind.