Next Generation of Conservation Leaders: Welcome New NextGen Advisory Board Members


The NextGen Advisory Board just started its 4th year and has welcomed ten new young professionals who represent a diversity of backgrounds and industries across the Gallatin Valley. GVLT and NextGen cultivate the future conservation leaders of our community by connecting young professionals to GVLT’s mission of trails and open space. They ensure that our work remains relevant and meaningful for future generations as our community grows. NextGen members are ambassadors for GVLT in their companies and with their friends. They plan fun and educational events so that young people in our community can learn about pressing conservation issues.  They’re learning about philanthropy and encouraging their peers to contribute financially to GVLT’s work.  And GVLT invests in the NextGen Advisory Board by providing valuable leadership training and networking for our valley’s future conservation leaders. For a full list of all 20 NextGen members, click here.