New Photos Showcase Beauty of GVLT Conserved Lands

The scenic vistas, wildlife habitat, rivers and working lands that GVLT conserves shine in the summer months. Our Stewardship Team visits each and every single one of our 105 conserved properties across the Gallatin Valley, Paradise Valley, and Madison Valley every year. Peter and Lucas are not just ensuring that the conservation easements are being upheld, they’re connecting with the landowners and sharing  information and best practices to further enhance the natural resources. Here in the office we’re pretty jealous of the beautiful sights and breathtaking walks our Stewardship Team take in the summer so we partnered with our friend Louise Johns to capture the sights for the rest of us. So here are some of our favorite shots from the land this summer. They’re just a glimpse into the special landscapes we are fortunate enough to protect alongside the region’s landowners. We truly live in the last best place.

Do you want to see more of Louise’s work? Visit her website,