New Outside Kind Signs Encourage Good Trail Etiquette 

September 23, 2021

Late last spring, representatives from outdoor organizations including GVLT, One Montana, Bridger Ski Foundation and Southwest Montana Mountain Biking Association began gathering to discuss trail etiquette across all user groups in the Gallatin Valley. We wanted to help define our community’s outdoor code of conduct and streamline trail etiquette messaging to all trail users, from new residents to seasoned athletes. Most importantly, we wanted to create a culture of kindness on the trails; kindness to the wildlife, kindness to fellow trail users, and kindness to the trail itself.

Together, we formed the Outside Kind Alliance with the hope of working across organizations to remind both established and new trail users that being kind and considerate outside benefits everyone. The primary goal of Outside Kind is to share best practices, principles and tips for enjoying the outdoors together. After a summer full of collaboration and design, we are excited to introduce our new Outside Kind trail signs. You may have seen them popping up on some of your favorite trails in the Gallatin Valley.

These signs link to the Outside Kind website and share positive trail etiquette messaging specific to the trail. For example, leashes are required at the Triple Tree and the Gallagator Trails, so you may see Outside Kind signs encouraging you to leash your pet. On multiuse trails, Outside Kind signs ask that cyclists slow down and yield to hikers. Across all trails, you will see signs encouraging you to “Do your duty” and clean up after your pet.

This clear, simplified messaging reiterates the rules and regulations already posted on the formal trail signs you see at trailheads.  This is the pilot program for Outside Kind, and we welcome feedback. Please direct any comments or questions to Trails Director Matt Parsons at

More about Outside Kind

The Outside Kind website,, has an Outside Kind quiz which lets locals and visitors alike test their knowledge about outdoor etiquette and ethics. Outdoor lovers can sign the Outside Kind Pledge and sign up to become an OK Ambassador. Learn more at Be Outside Kind Gallatin Valley!

Outside Kind is facilitated by One Montana with the support of GVLT and currently includes the following organizations: