MSU Bridges2

MSU Engineering to Help with Trail Bridges

GVLT and the City of Bozeman have embarked on a unique partnership with Montana State University’s Engineering School. Mandy Rutherford’s junior engineering students are working on a multi-semester project to identify issues with trail bridges on the Main Street to the Mountains trail system. The students are from all different disciplines including structural, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.  During the semester they’ll be applying their varied engineering knowledge to help us think through how to regularly repair and replace the bridges. Students will be creating prototypes of bridges that can be constructed and a maintenance plan to ensure that bridges are being routinely repaired and replaced over time. Our community trail system currently has over 65  bridges so this project will be incredibly helpful to make sure they’re all getting the attention they deserve.

Thank you to the 300 MSU Engineering Students who are helping assess and advise the Main Street to the Mountains bridges!