MT Endowment2

This holiday season, make a gift to GVLT and save on your Montana taxes!   The Montana Endowment Tax Credit allows donors to pay less in Montana state income taxes when they give a qualifying planned gift to a qualified nonprofit endowment fund held at a community foundation.

“There are many planned giving options and tax incentives available to donors today, but one which is not well known is the Montana Endowment Tax Credit. Available to both business and individual donors, this credit of up to $10,000 may be applied directly against tax liabilities accrued. For those who give annually it offers a 40% increase in the effectiveness of the money given, and lowers personal or business tax burdens. Who doesn’t want their money to have more value? I know I do, which is why I have made three gifts to GVLT using this tax vehicle. If you’re going to donate to GVLT, it’s a very easy process!!” – Bill Cochran, GVLT Board Vice President

For more information about the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, check out the Bozeman Area Community Foundation or the Montana Community Foundation.