Rocky Creek Farms

Every child in Bozeman gets to grow up on a farm – Rocky Creek Farm, to be precise. It’s where town kids go to pick strawberries, take hayrides, make cider, gather pumpkins, and cut the perfect Christmas tree.

Created By:

Pete Fay


Bozeman Pass


50 acres

Funded By:

Gallatin County Open Space Bond

Protected Since:


Just minutes away from the highway and Main Street, the loudest sounds on the farm are the running of Rocky Creek, children’s laughter, and the roar of Pete Fay’s old blue tractor. Fay has owned and operated the pick-your-own farm for over 30 years. In addition to providing fruit, vegetables and fun for hundreds, the 50-acre property boasts stunning views in all directions and is part of an important wildlife corridor. When the farm next door was sold to a realtor, Fay took action. With GVLT as a partner, he put the land under a conservation easement. Now he can continue to do what he loves, knowing that his land is protected forever for open space, wildlife, and agricultural use.

“It is just a piece of magic. It has a little creek that runs through it. It’s so beautiful. I want it to stay a farm forever.” Pete Fay