Kehke Property

Created By:

Mark & Nanette Kehke


East Gallatin River


86 acres

Protected Since:


The East Gallatin River is a blue-ribbon trout fishery, known around the world for its exceptional fishing. This same river, however, has recently been designated an impaired waterway; increased development along its banks has reduced streamside vegetation and led to high nutrient loads. This makes the conservation easement Mark and Nanette Kehke donated to GVLT that much more valuable to both fisherman and wildlife. Their easement protects a ½-mile stretch of the East Gallatin, as well as 86 acres of important riparian and upland habitat for deer, pheasants, duck, geese, and countless species of songbirds. After donating this easement to GVLT, Mark Kehke decided to give even more: he joined GVLT’s Board of Directors and has donated countless hours to help conserve open space in the valley.

“We have limited future development of our property while maintaining ownership, so we can continue to use the land as we always have, and ensure that it will never be converted from wildlife habitat and agricultural uses.” Mark Kehke