Hanes Property

Deer, elk, beaver, black bear, coyote, red fox, badger, sandhill crane, bald eagle, and trout. These are just a few of the neighbors that share John and Kiku Hanes’ Reese Creek property. In addition to providing habitat and priceless open space, Hanes farm produces some of the best hay in the valley.

Created By:

John and Kiku Hanes


East Gallatin


236 acres

Protected Since:


The Hanes are lifelong conservationists, and protecting their property – which includes a half-mile of creek frontage, excellent winter range for deer and elk, productive fields, and impressive aspen groves – was always a priority for the couple. Impressed by GVLT’s strong management team and local expertise, they donated their first easement to GVLT in 2000; they donated another four years later, after they bought an adjacent property. Their neighbors – human and otherwise – are grateful.

“The sandhill cranes come in. The moose and deer are here. The elk come right through this property to get from place to place.” John Hanes