Flikkema Farm

Created By:

Maynard & Eileen Flikkema




636 acres

Funded By:

Gallatin County Open Space Bond
Natural Resources Conservation Service

Protected Since:


The Amsterdam-Churchill region of the Gallatin Valley is home to some of the best agricultural soils in Montana. In 2013, Maynard and Eileen Flikkema chose GVLT when they wanted to protect the farm their family homesteaded more than 115 years ago. Their 636-acre easement preserves prime agricultural soils and exceptional wildlife habitat, but the Flikkemas are also glad to help protect water quality and the precious quiet of the rural life their family has lived for generations. Together with a dozen other conservation easements in the Amsterdam-Churchill area, this easement helps to preserve an important part of Montana’s agricultural legacy.

“It is so family oriented. I just love it that my grandpa had the foresight to buy [this] land. And that I’m the third generation to get it.” Eileen Flikkema