Crawford Property

Created By:

Tim and Kathy Crawford


East Gallatin River


310 acres

Protected Since:


Tim Crawford did more than simply protect his riverside property with a conservation easement: he has worked tirelessly to make his agricultural use of the land compatible with robust wildlife habitat and preservation of water quality. Crawford has restored wetland along the East Gallatin to provide nesting and feeding habitat for waterfowl and planted upland vegetation to filter sediment and excess nutrients from the runoff from his fields. He rotates crops to improve soil health and productivity, and has reduced or eliminated livestock grazing in sensitive wetland areas. As a result his Pheasant Farm has become a haven for water birds, upland fowl, and mammals such as otter, mink, and muskrat that depend upon native wetland plants for food, habitat, and security. Crawford is also a generous partner to his human neighbors: he maintains a gate that allows fishing access across his property to the East Gallatin River.