How We Work With Landowners

We know Montana landowners have a special connection to the land. Conservation easements can preserve the openness of the land and keep it intact for future generations. Through partnership with landowners, we can safeguard the rivers, farms, and forests that surround us and make our region of Montana so special.

How it’s Done

Together with landowners we can protect the land through the use of conservation easements, a voluntary agreement that protects natural resources from unwanted development and fragmentation. Land under easement remains private property. The landowner retains ownership, and can continue to live on the land and use it for farming, ranching, forestry, recreation, education, or other activities that sustain its resources. The land can be sold or passed on to heirs. The conservation easement transfers with it, protecting the land forever.


Read our Landowners Guide to Conservation Easements to learn about the process and potential benefits you could receive from conserving your land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every property is different and not all landowners have the same goal so it is hard to make general statements. Read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Once the easement is created, GVLT remains an ongoing partner, providing the landowner advice, resources, and support, and ensuring that the vision for the land is carried out – even if the property changes hands. The GVLT Stewardship Staff will visit the property once a year to make sure that the conservation values and original agreement are being upheld as well as support any ongoing stewardship efforts.