Land conservation

Montana landowners have a special connection, and appreciation, for their land. Whether their family has been farming here for generations or they recently homesteaded their own piece of Montana, we need thoughtful landowners with far-reaching vision and interested in protecting Montana.

How we work

We partner with landowners to safeguard our open landscapes using conservation easements. These voluntary agreements protect natural resources from unwanted development and fragmentation.

Where we work

Together, we have conserved over 60,000 acres of productive river bottoms, prime agricultural lands, and critical wildlife corridors throughout the Gallatin, Shields, and Paradise Valleys.

Conservation initiatives

We know and love this part of Montana, and understand the economic and environmental challenges it faces. We are strategic about where we focus our land conservation efforts.

Landowner resources

Once a landowner creates an easement with GVLT, we are here to support them as a steward of the land, ensuring the protection of the natural resource value their property provides.