We protect what you love about this special place.

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust connects people to the landscapes that surround us through the conservation of open spaces and creation of trail systems. Through our work we provide spaces for children to get outside, protect habitat for our area’s most iconic wildlife species, keep working farms working, and offer world class outdoor recreation from our Main Street to the Mountains, and so much more. In short, we preserve the very things that make the Gallatin Valley such a great place to live.

Witnessing a herd of elk with steaming breath in the Bridger Mountain foothills. Walking your dog and running into neighbors on Peets Hill. Reflecting quietly as you drive through rolling golden pastures of wheat in Amsterdam. Conquering the Drinking Horse Trail summit and looking out victoriously over the valley. Fishing on the East Gallatin River. Sending your kids off to school on the trails. These are the moments we are working hard to protect. This is the Montana experience.

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