Business Sponsors

We’re lucky to have support from a number of local and regional businesses who understand that giving back is part of doing business. Whether they’re involved in the tourism, tech, outdoor, housing, or health industries, they understand that there’s a direct link between our treasured open landscapes and access to community trails, and their bottom line. WIth trails out the back door of the office and scenic views from their desks, many businesses see the impact of their donation on a daily basis.

Thank you to our $5000 and up business sponsors



For a full listing of our business sponsors, please view the back pages of our annual report.

There are many ways businesses can support our work


­Businesses help us put on a number of events throughout the year by joinging us as sponsors. Sponsoring businesses receive marketing exposure through event promotion and acknowledgement at the event. Sponsorship levels vary with the event. For information about sponsoring events, contact Laura Prindiville.

Trail Kiosks

­Businesses can sponsor trail kiosks that are located at trail heads on the Main Street to the Mountains trail system. Kiosks feature a large map of the area so that users can find their way. Kiosk sponsorships are $2,000 and the kiosk sponsorship plaque language remains for the life of the sign.


We always have a new community trails project in the pipeline. We rely on businesses to help underwrite the cost of things like bridges, playgrounds, trails, toilets, and parking areas. Sponsorship amounts vary depending on the project.

Honorary Benches

­Honorary benches are a great way to recognize a person or organization. Benches cost $2,000 and are installed on trails throughout town. The engraved plaque remains with the bench for its lifetime.

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