Triple Tree Trail

Round Trip Mileage:





Parking lot off of Sourdough Rd.


Trail can be icy in the winter. The trail is a single track and partially shaded when in switchbacks.


There are benches throughout the trail, including the top which looks over the valley. It crosses two streams for drinking water for dogs.

Dogs Allowed Off-leash:


The Triple Tree Trail had been a local favorite for more than 20 years. Hikers, bikers, and skiers loved the breathless ascent to the breathtaking view, but the steep trail was dangerous and difficult to maintain. Even worse, the route climbed across state land without proper permissions.

To guarantee future public access, GVLT led negotiations with the State of Montana, Gallatin County, and the Triple Tree Ranch Owners’ Association. The result: the state granted a permanent easement to the County, which contracted with us to oversee and maintain the trail. We then raised public and private funding to make Triple Tree Trail even better. The trail was re-routed to improve accessibility, safety, and sightlines, and carefully re-built to reduce the need for ongoing maintenance. With help from volunteers from the Montana Conservation Corps -- and the cooperation of the Owner’s Association -- we added an additional 1.5 miles of trail and expanded the parking area to accommodate the trail’s many loyal users.