College ‘M’ Trail

Round Trip Mileage:





Parking lot off of Bridger Drive, on your left.


The trail is a gravel path so it may also be muddy in fall and spring. The trail usually dries out earlier in the spring than other trails.


There is a public bathroom at the parking lot. There are benches throughout the trail that offer phenomenal views.

Dogs Allowed Off-leash:


The College ‘M’ Trail is likely the busiest trail on the Main Street to the Mountains system, but for good reason. The trail offers two routes, an easy side and a steeper, harder side. Both routes take you to the top where the letter M sits high above the valley as a symbol of pride for our Montana State University. The benches at the top of the ‘M’ give some of the most spectacular views of the valley. For many, this is a quick hike and can easily be done during a lunch break. This trail is also especially popular for outings for visiting friends and families. The wildflowers are abundant in the spring months. This can be a very busy trail so bikers are discouraged.