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2/4/2019: This event is currently SOLD OUT but plans change and tickets may open up. You can add your name to the wait list through Eventbrite and you will be automatically notified if there is a cancellation. Thank you for your interest! If you can’t make it, don’t worry. With the outstanding enthusiasm, we will certainly be hosting another similar event later this year.

You live here for a reason. The open land, the quick access to trails, the space to breathe, the mountains to roam.

This. Place. Is. The. Best.

Thankfully, many organizations and people have been working hard for a long, long time to keep it that way. With the development pressure and growth in our area, it is more important than ever that we protect what we love before it is too late.

There’s a lot going on in our neck of the woods in conservation and recreation. Don’t know what’s up and where to start? GVLT’s NextGen Advisory Board wants to help by creating a space to learn, ask questions, and connect. We’ve selected a sampling of the most innovative and impactful conservation and recreation organizations in our region to give you a glimpse into what’s going on.

Don’t worry. This ain’t your parents’ lecture series. With this unique format, you’ll be at a table with 9 other young professionals and the speakers will be coming to you in a round-robin series of short conversations. They’ll rotate around to other tables after they share their passion, give updates on current projects and initiatives, and answer your questions. All of this packed into 10 minutes will leave you wanting more, but that’s the point.

When you leave NextGen’s Conservation Cocktail Hour, you’ll have had a conversation with 8 conservation and recreation professionals about the hottest and most pressing topics in our region. They’ll share how young people can get involved. What you do next is up to you. Whether you sign up to learn more, volunteer, or simply spread the good news to your friends at the next dinner party, you’ll be in the know and part of the movement to keep the Bozeman area awesome.

Note: The Gallatin Valley Land Trust’s NextGen Advisory Board wants young people engaged in conservation and recreation, with GVLT and in the greater community. A rising tide lifts all boats. While GVLT does not necessarily endorse all of the activities of each organization (we all have different roles to play), we simply want to create a platform and space for education and conversation about pressing topics.

Only 80 spots are available. Click here to reserve your free ticket today.

6:00-6:20pm Grab a drink, check out organizational info, meet new friends

6:20-8:00 Roundtable Conversations, 8 presentations of 10 minutes each

We’re excited to announce the following speakers:

Rachel VandeVoort- Director, Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation

Marcus Pearson- Director of Program Investments, Adventure Scientists

Chelsi Moy- The Wilderness Society

Justin Barth-Senior Manager of Foundations Relations, Yellowstone Forever

EJ Porth- Communications and Outreach Director, Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Jared Frasier- 2 % for Conservation

Vasu Sojitra- Earthtone Outside Montana

Mel Cronin- Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association

Martha Sellers-People and Carnivores

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