Local Food Conservation Tour

Much of our valley's open spaces are in agricultural production. Meet the people behind the scenes and learn about the innovative ways they are farming and distributing local food in our community. We will visit two GVLT conserved properties for a tour of farming in the Gallatin Valley.




Happel and Kimm Conservation Easements






Our valley is scenic and open thanks to the hard work of many long-time farming families. GVLT has partnered with families in the Gallatin Valley to conserve and protect their land and highly productive soil from development. During this tour you’ll have access to these privately conserved farms to get the inside scoop on their operations. Both conservation properties are growing food that is distributed locally. We’ll hear how the farmers are using innovative methods to produce food to feed our community.

The bus will leave GVLT at 5:30pm with our first stop at the Happel Conservation Easement. Lyle and Logan Happel have partnered with local producer Dylan Strike to grow local produce on the property. The Happel’s parents cared deeply about local food so the decision to lease land to Dylan for local food production was a no brainer. You’ll hear from Lyle about his family’s decision to conserve their land. You’ll also get an up close view of the Strike Farms operation and the ways they distribute and manage their Community Supported Agriculture program.

We’ll load the bus and head to the Kimm Conservation Easement to learn about their seed potato and organic potato operation. Jason Kimm will tell us about his family’s decision to conserve the land and will share some of the innovative techniques they’ve used.

On the way back to the office we’ll point out other conserved properties, munch on local food snacks, and play farming and Gallatin Valley trivia!

Please RSVP to info@gvlt.org or call EJ at 406-587-8404 ext. 8

*Please wear shoes that can get muddy as we’ll be doing a moderate amount of walking through farm fields.*

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