Discovery Walks

Discovery Walks, presented by a partnership with GVLT, Bozeman Health, and Bozeman Parks and Recreation, are back this spring! These one-hour, guided walks will help you discover the 90+ miles of trail on the Main Street to the Mountains trail system. Each walk takes place at a different trail or park, and features a different theme. This year, we're working with Montana Outdoor Science School, Sacajawea Audubon Society, and more to bring fun, educational, outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy. New to Bozeman? Interested in discovering new trails? Need a spring activity for the kids? Curious about water, geography, yoga, plants, trail running, or birds? We have a Discovery Walk for you! Social distancing guidelines will be in place and attendees are encouraged to bring a mask. Discovery Walks are all an hour long, unless otherwise specified in the schedule.


May-June, weather permitting, cancellations will be posted here.


Trails throughout the Main Street to the Mountains trail system in Bozeman


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Discovery Walks 2022 are sponsored by our friends at Bozeman Health, Montana Outdoor Science School, and Bozeman Parks and Recreation.

May 9: Trail Tracking with MOSS at Triple Tree, 9:30 am. –  What types of creatures have traveled through here before us? Get ready to put your detective skills to work while you discover what some of our area’s most popular wildlife have been up to while we were away. Search for tracks, scat, and fur as clues!

May 13: Adaptation Nation with MOSS at Story Mill Park, 9:30 am – How does a frog develop gills? Why do falcons have dark stripes near their eyes? Let’s explore how animals and plants are always changing to help them survive!

May 16: Birding Basics with MOSS at Cherry River Fishing Access, 9:30 am – Grab some binoculars to discover the amazing birds in your own backyard! Do you notice how different their feet are? Why are their feathers shaped that way? Let’s find out!

May 20: Hiking Essentials with MOSS at Painted Hills, 9:30 am – Join us to become familiar with trail etiquette, hike planning, fun tips and tricks for the trail, and other essentials for getting started as a hiker!

May 23: Habitat Hunters with MOSS at Drinking Horse, 9:30 am – Look high and low for signs of a home! Discover what wild animals love to have in their habitats, and even build one of your own!

May 27: Rock Hounds with MOSS at the “M,” 9:30 am –  Explore the geologically-rich Bridger Mountains while learning about different kinds of rocks and fossils! How are they formed and where can you find them?

June 1: Wonder Walk with Liz Domenech at Story Mill Park Nature Sanctuary, 9:30 am –  RSVP required for this Discovery Walk. Join Liz Domenech for a 90-minute guided meditation through Story Mill Nature Sanctuary. We will start seated together, move through the sanctuary in a guided walking meditation, journal with a prompt, and regroup to close together. Meet at the Homestead pavilion in the middle of Story Mill Nature Sanctuary. The closest parking is the dog park off of L Street (between Griffin Dr and Big Gulch Dr). Park in the lot and take the trail towards the East Gallatin River. Turn left to go over the footbridge across the river. Take your first right into the nature sanctuary, then an immediate left. Follow the trail through the aspen grove to a big orange and blue sculpture that looks like a windmill – you’ll see the pavilion straight ahead. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the pavilion.

June 5: Land Snorkeling with Whitney Tilt at Peets Hill, 10 am – Meet at the top of Peets Hill parking lot (Josephine & Kenyon) for a wildflower and natural history tour. Whitney Tilt, a GVLT volunteer and author of Flora of the Yellowstone, will lead us on a “land snorkeling” exploration of the area.

June 11: Birding with Vicki Saab at Cherry River Fishing Access, 7 am – Join Avian Ecologist Vicki Saab, and bird enthusiasts Kim Kotur and Janet Winnie, on this beginner “Discovery Bird Walk.” No prior experience is necessary, as the walk is intended for first time bird watchers or those that want to know more about birding. Please bring binoculars and a bird book if possible and we will provide a few. Meet at the Cherry River Trailhead located on your right just after North 7th Ave turns left into the Frontage Road.

June 13: Summer Survival with MOSS at Glen Lake Rotary Park, 9:30 am – Prepare for a great adventure by learning compass basics, survival necessities, and preparation skills to stay safe and have fun all summer long!

June 17: Amphibious Adventure with MOSS at Drinking Horse, 9:30 am – Did you know that Montana has native tiger salamanders and chorus frogs? Can you guess where they live? Let’s get outside and explore the habitats of our amphibious neighbors.

June 20: Buggin’ Out with MOSS at Gallatin Regional Park, 9:30 am – Creep and crawl your way around a trail to explore the hiding spots of your favorite insects! How many insects can we find!?

June 21: Calming Evening Yoga with Angela Davis at the Concrete Labyrinth, 5:30 pm –  Spire Yoga Instructor Angela Davis leads this calming evening flow. Meet at the concrete Labyrinth at the base of Peets Hill. Bring your yoga mat for this chill stretch session. The labyrinth is located just north of the Peets Hill parking lot on Church Ave, along the paved pathway toward to the library.

June 24: Wonderful Water with MOSS at Sourdough Canyon, 9:30 am – Everybody needs water! Come discover what a healthy river needs, explore a marsh, and get your feet wet! A great way to cool down and enjoy a hike!

June 25: Taking your “MEDS” at Triple Tree Trailhead, 9:30 am – Led by Dan Scheidermayer, DPT from Excel Physical Therapy. Join one of our local Excel physical therapists for a hike and to learn about injury prevention in the outdoors, as well as research-based importance of Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep (MEDS) for your overall health and wellbeing.

June 26: Mindful Connection with Leah Flaunty at Kirk Hill, 9:30 am –  Get outside. Go within. Leah Flaunty is Mindful Outdoor Guide and offers powerful nature-based experiences – for people of all ages and backgrounds. With the average American spending 11 hours a day on a screen and 90 percent of their lives indoors, now’s the time to step outside and feel the difference! Mindful connection with the outdoors is crucial for cultivating a balanced, inspired, and fulfilled life. Let your self be guided…

June 27: Macro Mayhem with MOSS at Drinking Horse, 9:30 am – What are those tiny creatures swimming around in the water? What type of water do tadpoles prefer? We’ll grab our nets and buckets to get an up-close look at these critters!

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