Summer Trails Challenge

Local businesses will donate to GVLT every time you hit the trails. GVLT will receive $1 from the Community Match Pool, donated by local businesses, for every mile that is biked, hiked, or run on trails and logged on the form below. 1 mile=$1. It is that simple.

Together we've logged
Our target goal is 66000 miles
50954 miles

June 2nd-June 22nd




All day




Hey Bozeman, are you ready for the challenge?

REI, Edward Jones, Home Base Partners and many other businesses have challenged YOU to get outside. They’ve contributed $66,000 to the Community Match Pool but it has to be matched with trail miles by community members like you. Every mile you spend on the trails is $1 to GVLT from the match pool. They’re in, are you?

The 2018 Summer Trails Challenge starts June 2nd, National Trails Day, and runs through June 22nd. Keep track of your miles and log them on this page. You will fill out a simple form and watch the mileage tracker go up and up! 1 mile=$1 to GVLT from the Community Match Pool provided by generous businesses.

Supporting GVLT is easy and your miles will help us continue to expand and enhance the Main Street to the Mountains trail system.

The Rules and Details:

  • Scouts honor, please be honest when tracking and logging your miles. Your tracking doesn’t need to be exact (sometimes you have to estimate!) but please keep your ’rounding’ within reason.
  • There are no strict limits on which trails qualify for the challenge but please use area trails in our region (Main Street to the Mountains, Forest Service, Hyalite, Big Sky, Livingston, Three Forks all qualify). Email with specific questions.
  • Please share the challenge on social media, bring a friend, challenge a co-worker.
  • Please share photos of you competing in the challenge for us to share on social media.
  • Stay tuned to social media and this site for updates of special prize days where local businesses will incentivize folks who log their miles on that day.
  • Teams: Sponsoring businesses are included in an optional drop-down menu on the logging form. If you’re a client, employee or friend of the business, log miles on their team to help them reach their goals!

June 5th is HomeBase Day. Their team will be hitting the trails together to log miles. You can get your coworkers together for a Trails Challenge walk too!

June 7th is Edward Jones Day! Log on the Edward Jones Team and you can DOUBLE your miles on June 7th!

June 15th is Dee-O-Gee Dog Miles Day! Grab your pooch and hit the trails on the 15th. You can log your dog’s miles as well as your own. Double the miles! Make sure log on the Dee-O-Gee Team.

June 16th is REI Day! Log miles on June 16th and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win an REI Half Done 2-person tent! As an added bonus, if you log your miles on Team REI, you’ll get a special prize.


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