Summer Trails Challenge

From June 1-27, 2024, track and log your miles on GVLT trails and help us raise $100,000 - our biggest goal ever - to build and maintain our world-class community trails system!

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June 1-27, 2024


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Join us in June for the 9th Annual Summer Trails Challenge, winner of the 2023 Bozeman Choice Award for the best Summer Sports/Recreation event of the summer!

This year, GVLT is going bigger than ever—help us raise $100,000 for our trail systems!


  1. Local businesses that want to protect the quality of life in southwest Montana contribute to our Summer Trails Challenge Sponsor Match Pool.
  2. Community members run, bike, walk, or roll on area trails. Any trail, any time—no registration required!
  3. Participants log their miles on the Summer Trails Challenge website (right here!).
  4. Every mile logged unlocks $1 from the Sponsor Match Pool for GVLT’s trail program this year.

That’s right! GVLT receives $1 for each mile logged during this month-long, community-wide celebration—funds that go directly to build and maintain our world-class community trails system. The Summer Trails Challenge is for everyone, regardless of income, schedule, or fitness level. It doesn’t require any special apps or devices. It’s just people getting outside, on their own time, to support community trails.

SPECIAL BONUS: All Trails Challenge participants are invited to the Challenge Finale BBQ on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at the GVLT office. This wonderful celebration is free and open to anyone who logs miles during the Challenge.


$1 for 1 mile. It’s that easy. But it doesn’t happen without YOU!

Why sponsor Summer Trails Challenge?

  • STC sponsors are aligning themselves with one of the region’s most respected community organizations, demonstrating to your employees, your clients, and your customers that you are committed to the quality of life that we all enjoy.
  • STC Sponsors gain exposure to GVLT’s network of supporters, over 22,000 email and social media followers, all of whom share your commitment to trails and conservation. This community-wide celebration is a great way to engage your friends, family, staff, and clients in the things you value.
  • STC can help create a culture of wellness within your company. Community members can log miles on behalf of any sponsor, encouraging your customers, clients, and employees to hit the trails. Or create your own challenge within your business. Only sponsors get teams, and we can provide all the data you need to track your team’s participation.
  • See full benefits in our sponsorship flyer!

If you or your business would like to help us build our Summer Trails Challenge Community Match Pool, please contact GVLT Development Manager Bethany Green. Last year’s Challenge was a great success. Our community generated over $80,000 for area trails and we’re aiming even higher!

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