Drinking Horse Trail Improvements

The Drinking Horse Trail has been closed for two weeks as construction crews build an underpass to the College ‘M’ Trail. The underpass will connect the two trail heads to the new shared use path under construction along Bridger Drive. GVLT took advantage of the temporary trail closure to complete some much needed maintenance on one of Bozeman’s most loved and most used trails.

While volunteer groups complete an enormous amount of work on the trails, some maintenance requires the use of heavy machinery. We’re glad we could coordinate the completion of this work during the closure for safety reasons.

Our contractor, Wildwood Trails, focused on a blown-out switchback, the first switchback trail users encounter on the ‘easier’ side loop to the right. The switchback was eroded and slippery for people traveling down and in the icy months. Check out the new and improved turn next time you’re hiking!

Our contractor also worked on multiple drainage issues to keep the trail dry and prevent further erosion. Social trails, or non-official trails, that cause erosion and affect plants and wildlife, have been blocked with trees and limbs.

Our maintenance work is nearly complete and the Drinking Horse Trail is scheduled to open on the morning of July 23rd.  Stay tuned for details about the opening of the new Path to the M and Drinking Horse this fall. The project is on schedule and moving along swiftly thanks to construction management by the Western Federal Lands Highway Division and the City of Bozeman.