Critter Cam Glamour Shots

Our wildlife cameras caught some of our playful neighbors in action this summer. We got glamour shots of coyotes, elk, deer, kestrels, and bears on conserved lands in the Bozeman Pass area.  GVLT holds about 4,000 acres in conservation easement in the Bozeman Pass area, one of the most imperiled wildlife corridors in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The protected private land provides a critical link for wildlife traveling between the Gallatin Range and Bridger Mountains. GVLT’s very first conservation easement was completed in this area back in 1990. And we’ve been stitching together the area, property by property ever since.  Two conserved properties in the area allow for public access, the Chestnut Mountain Trail runs through a conservation easement and new access will be created on the Hudson Creek property next year. Check out the pictures and video we captured.