GVLT to celebrate 25th year with new bridge

September 5, 2015/ Bozeman Daily Chronicle Guest Column by Kelly Pohl

It’s hard to imagine now, but a series of failures and near-misses led to the creation of one of Bozeman’s most iconic places. In 1892, Bozeman planned the “Electric Heights” subdivision along a ridgeline on the east side of town. On paper, the development included 614 house lots complete with streets and alleys. Our leaders hoped it would make the community look so large and sophisticated that state leaders would make Bozeman the home of a major state institution such as the capitol or the prison.

Much to the disappointment of our early leaders, we were given Montana State College instead, and the Electric Heights subdivision remained a paper tiger without any actual houses, roads or alleys. Though our founders thought this a great loss, it may have been the best thing that ever happened to Bozeman. Montana State College, of course, is now Montana State University – the largest higher education institution in the state and our county’s biggest employer.

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