Room to Roam June 2015/ Mountain Outlaw by Katie Morrison Past, present and future roll into one moment across the landscape of grassy hills and wetlands near the western border of Yellowstone National Park. A bison cow treads across an open meadow toward the lakeshore, preparing to birth her new calf on a chilly, sun-filled morning in May. She made … Read More

City approves Bozeman Pond Park Expansion Master Plan June 11, 2015 / Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Eric Dietrich City commissioners are supporting a master plan for expanding the Bozeman Pond park but voted against allocating parks funding for building a paved road through the property. Land off Fowler Avenue was purchased last year with Trails, Open Space and Parks bond … Read More

National Trails Day: build it, share it, love it May 30, 2015/ Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Guest Column by Kelly Pohl You ride it on your morning commute. You stroll along with a special someone in the evening after dinner. You spend your weekend exploring new nooks and crannies. Chances are, trails are an integral part of your daily life in … Read More

GVLT’s Discovery Walks aim to expand knowledge of area trails May 30, 2015/ Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Michael Applegate It may sound trivial to some, but there can be barriers to hiking, and they can be as simple as not knowing where to park. From how long a hike can be to how steep a trail is, Gallatin Valley Land … Read More

Community Giving Day Fundraiser Blows Past Goal May 6, 2015/ Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Eric Dietrich Bridget Wilkinson, the executive director of the Bozeman Area Community Foundation, thought $100,000 was a decent goal for the Gallatin Valley’s first community-wide giving day held Tuesday. Bozeman doubled that — and then some. The Bozeman Sports Park Foundation topped the website’s leader board, … Read More

Under the Watchful Eye of Trail Ambassadors April 18, 2015 / Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Guest Column by Kelly Pohl In 1976, a clever psychology experiment tested the theory that being watched changes human behavior. In the experiment, children were invited to take just one piece of candy from a bowl and then each kid was left alone in a room … Read More

Trail ambassadors: New program aims to mitigate conflict on area trail system March 15, 2015 / Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Ben Pierce From Bozeman the quick drive to the College ‘M’ trailhead at the southern end of the Bridger Mountains is a pleasant one. Heading east out of town the whitewashed monogram looms above on the forested slopes, beckoning Bozemanites … Read More

GVLT lands $3.7 million grant for conservation January 15, 2015 / Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Laura Lundquist Land conservation efforts in the Gallatin Valley have received a financial boost of almost $4 million. On Wednesday, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the Gallatin Valley Land Trust was awarded a $3.7 million matching grant through the Natural Resources and Conservation … Read More

Three new conservation easements protect Gallatin Valley rivers December 3, 2014 / Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Laura Lundquist Three Gallatin Valley landowners have joined dozens of others in preserving not only the rural character of the valley but also the health of its rivers. On Tuesday, the Gallatin County Commission approved grants for conservation easements on two riverfront properties and … Read More