Bozeman Pond2

Bozeman Pond Update and Ribbon Cutting

You’ve been patiently waiting and now the time has come. Bozeman Pond Park is open for business as the first completed project using Trails and Open Space Bond funding.

The trails are complete (thanks to 200 volunteers who helped during National Trails Day) and the paved multi-use trail connecting the pond to the new park expansion is complete. Three new picnic shelters have been installed, with tables to come soon. The fenced off-leash dog park is welcoming pooches.The Natural Playground has mounds and tunnels with more features including balance logs, boulders, and slides to be constructed soon. We’ll be working with our friends at the City of Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department on finishing touches like plantings and irrigation but the park is open and ready for visitors.

All good things take time and this project is no exception. For years, GVLT has been helping to improve trails and connectivity around Bozeman Pond Park – one of the largest parks in northwest Bozeman. In 2012, the 12-acres to the north of Bozeman Pond park were up for sale, and GVLT had to act quickly. We had identified the area as ideal open space for Bozeman’s fast-growing west side, but the property was slated for high-density development, and the owners would consider nothing less than full market value. When we learned that HAVEN was interested in a smaller portion of the property for a new domestic violence shelter and community center, we knew we could facilitate a deal that would help many members of the community at once. As bidding on the property heated up, we secured a last-minute loan from The Conservation Fund that allowed us to put in the winning offer. Since then we’ve been working together with partners to design and envision a flagship park on Bozeman’s west side.

With a project investment totaling over $1,100,000, it was no small feat. But with excellent partners, donors, and volunteers by our side, we’re proud to introduce Bozeman to their newest trails at Bozeman Pond Park. We hope you’ll join us for a ribbon cutting event at the newly expanded Bozeman Pond Park on August 10th at noon.

Thank you Bozeman, partners and friends of GVLT for making this project possible!