“I support GVLT because it provides so many outdoor places for people to enjoy while helping maintain the rural atmosphere and productive capacity of this rich landscape.”

Todd Graham has twenty years’ experience managing ranches for absentee owners and providing ranch management consulting services on four million acres of ranchlands across the West. His work focuses on improving the health of the land and wildlife habitat while implementing land-based enterprises that are financially sustainable. He has helped landowners and public land management agencies improve ranchland performance, improve rangeland health, has enrolled landowners’ carbon credits to be sold on the open market, and is a widely invited speaker on land management and conservation issues. He specializes in public lands grazing issues and served as Ranch Manager to the Sun Ranch in Montana’s Madison Valley, and two ranches in central Wyoming. He has provided consulting services for family ranches, amenity ranch owners, tribes, federal government state government, utility companies, conservation organizations, and energy companies. Graham holds a B.S. in Rangeland Science from the University of Wyoming. He and his family reside in Churchill, MT.