“There's nothing that a little space and a walk can't cure, which is why I'm so grateful to live in a place where there is an abundance of both.

Lauren Caselli owns a strategic event planning and marketing firm that provides technology companies with streamlined, done-for-you solutions for their most important gatherings, launches, and in-person, client-facing moments. As the inaugural chair of GVLT's NextGen Advisory Board from 2016 - 2018, Lauren believes deeply in the power of a small group of people working together to create change, and knows that building community is essential in ushering in the next iteration of work and play in the Gallatin Valley and beyond. Lauren also is the founder of the 8-time sold out Boss Lady Bash, a community event for female small business owners, and successfully helped to architect GVLT's Board vs. NextGen inaugural competition fundraiser for Give Big Gallatin Valley, which raised over $10,000, while bruising a lot of millennial egos (hers included). She looks forward to working to understand the changing physical landscape in the Gallatin Valley, and using her skill set to help engage millennial voices in the conversation around open space in the Gallatin Valley.