Karin Boyd grew up with a pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness every summer, where she helped family friends set up their hunting camp on the North Fork of the Sun River. This led to an academic track in geology, where she received a BS from UC Santa Barbara and MS from the University of Wyoming. Karin made it to Montana permanently in 1997, when she was hired to work in Bozeman for the stream restoration firm Inter-Fluve. Over her 29-year career, she has worked on restoring river systems affected by channelization, dams, dewatering, bank armoring, fire, floods, floodplain development, agriculture, and mining. Karin is currently the principal owner of Applied Geomorphology Inc. in Bozeman. When she’s not working, Karin can be found continuing to explore Montana by foot, bike, or ski, spending time at her family ranch on the Rocky Mountain Front, or hanging out with the Canadian in-laws on an island off of the coast of British Columbia. About 10 years ago she cut her teeth in the conservation easement world when she and her six siblings placed an easement on their family ranch near Augusta, Montana.